Think about how often the word “hope” comes up in conversations. We talk about it a lot, but what does it really mean? Research tells us that hope is more than just optimism, and it’s more than just goals. And hope is definitely not fantasy!

When we are hopeful, we have a positive outlook about the future–we believe tomorrow will be better than today. A vision of the future and plans for how to get there are also part of being hopeful–these keep us grounded in reality and ready to deal with challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Finally, when we are hopeful, we believe in ourselves. Even when that vision seems far off and the challenges are great, we know we have it in us to try. In this video, I talk about how optimism, paired with vision, plans, and self-empowerment can help us all create the future of our dreams.


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You Deserve to Be Happy at Work

Based on extensive research and decades of experience with leaders, How to Be Happy at Work deepens our understanding of what it means to be truly fulfilled and effective at work and provides clear, practical advice and instruction on how to get there―no matter what job you have.

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