"Happiness begins with purpose
and meaningful work."

—Annie McKee, PhD

Annie McKee

About Annie McKee

Annie McKee, PhD is a best-selling business book author and advisor to top global leaders, from CEOs of Fortune 50 companies to government officials in South Africa. In 2005, BusinessWeek named her in their Top 100 Leaders issue as an Executive Coach, but Annie’s journey to becoming one of the world’s top advisors on leadership has hardly been conventional.

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    Big #dreams are often the start of big change in our lives and our work.

  • March 18

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    When all you we care about is the paycheck, work can feel meaningless. Try to find something to really care about a… https://t.co/nbZ9UcDz7E

  • March 12

    Find meaning at work by setting and achieving your own learning goals.

  • March 11

    So thrilled to be speaking at @92Y in June! I'll talk about why #purpose, #hope, and #friendship are so important t… https://t.co/QDp9abRdAT

  • March 8

    Overwork is not a good coping mechanism for stress. In fact, it makes it worse. When we overwork we ignore our rela… https://t.co/znoxtKWwIv

  • March 7

    Horrible people and bullies at work want your attention. Don't give it to them. Focus your time and attention on good people! #HappyAtWork