"Happiness begins with purpose
and meaningful work."

—Annie McKee, PhD

Annie McKee

About Annie McKee

Annie McKee, PhD is a best-selling business book author and advisor to top global leaders, from CEOs of Fortune 50 companies to government officials in South Africa. In 2005, BusinessWeek named her in their Top 100 Leaders issue as an Executive Coach, but Annie’s journey to becoming one of the world’s top advisors on leadership has hardly been conventional.

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  • about 9 hours ago

    It’s critical to reconnect with what matters to you - your values and the impact you have on something that’s impor… https://t.co/tcbTd3IlcZ

  • September 20

    The hope that tomorrow will be better is what helps us get up every morning, put one foot in front of the other, and carry on. #HappyAtWork

  • September 18

    We need self-awareness to be sure that we see our friends as they really are, not as we’d like them to be.

  • September 17

    How we view our work and how we engage with people and our tasks is what makes the difference. #HappyAtWork https://t.co/N57onBO6wa

  • September 14

    You’ve got to like what you do. Work isn’t always going to be fun but there’s got to be something, every day, that… https://t.co/PlATqT7DT0

  • September 13

    We trust people who are clear about their values and who hold the line—they don’t blow with the wind and change the… https://t.co/P2kGZ3BJJP

  • September 12

    Aspiring to be happy at work isn't delusional thinking. #HappyAtWork https://t.co/ot5qXXwpif

  • September 11

    If you find someone is annoying or abrasive, don’t obsess about how the person acts—think about how you react. It’s… https://t.co/XZiVQfO6uq

  • September 10

    If we want to be more successful in work and in life, we’ve got to #BanishPessimism and embrace optimism. Here’s wh… https://t.co/Df0rDdbhti